resisting art

« In the dark times in which we live, the spaces of art and culture are, without question, the last remaining spaces of freedom and resistance. It is there, and only there, that we can breathe. Jeremy Fernando’s brilliant manifesto, alongside Natalie Christian Tan’s striking illustrations, provides a model for breathing in a world where it is […]

Her Name Upon The Strand

The stories in Her Name Upon the Strand are a curious mixture of the strange and fantastical, the macabre and the enchanted. And the volume itself is a hybrid creature — straddling a range of formats, from incantatory prose poems to experimental lists that enumerate diverse and at times incongruous elements, in addition to conventional stories, some of moderate […]

Anything You Can Get Away with: Creative Practices

This book takes stock of the practices of writing poetry, taking street photographs, and creative writing scholarship. It adopts both imaginative and critical ways of writing and exploring both texts and practices. I think of myself as a MacGyver-type character, indulging in the art of bricolage, pulling together poetry, street photography, and autoethnography. Marshall McLuhan […]

The Gleaming Man

The Gleaming Man is a conversation between the texts of Jeremy Fernando, the paintings of Ruben Pang, and the poems of Lim Lee Ching. Among other things, it is an attempt to meditate on the question of how different forms of work can speak with each other without speaking over — or, even worse, speaking […]

The Technological Sublime

The Technological Sublime describes the increasing disempowerment and disenchantment of humanity in a world governed by data and machine to machine communication. Through a critical and deconstructive reading of the founding ideas and aspirations of communication theory the author explores how the role of humans was, from the very outset, destined and designed to become […]

Making up with JB

This book addresses the question: what happens after the betrayal? And it comes after the orgy of Why hasn’t JB already disappeared (Delere Press, 2017): keeping in mind that the title is in the form of a statement, and not a question; even though the quest constantly haunts what is stated, and remains with us […]

A Perfect Sphere On A Frictionless Plane

poems by Dustin Hellberg alongside photographs by Marilyn Goh and a layout & design by Joanne Pang ***  This is real, creaturely work. Hellberg’s voice makes a tempest of kind caresses and grievous blows. — Aaron McCollough, author of Rank, Underlight & No Grave Can Hold My Body Down. I’ve never been there, but after reading Hellberg […]

The (Im)possibility of Literature as the Possibility of Ethics

Once upon a time, Orpheus promised he would make Eurydice live again. Once upon a time, in a book, I promised I would prove I exist. Only literature is capable of fulfilling such promises. Nemanja Mitrović writes diligently and convincingly about how these promises prove that the birth of ethics is possible from the spirit […]

Pure and Faultless Elation Emerging from Hiding

« Lim Lee Ching’s poems resemble no other work coming from Singapore today, yet these are the poems for which Singapore has quietly yearned. In some ways, the work in this new collection is a throwback to a tradition that stretches from the early twentieth century, its revolutions of the word, to the touchingly opaque […]

Bejn Sħab u Duħħan

Bejn Sħab u Duħħan (Between Clouds and Smoke) brings together the body of work in video, photography and drawing-painting entitled Terrain Vague by artist Vince Briffa, and a reflective essay entitled Tryst as a reaction to the work by philosopher Michael Zammit. Terrain Vague encapsulates the artist’s continued interest in trying to define a co-existence of realities in conditions of vagueness. […]