A Perfect Sphere On A Frictionless Plane

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poems by Dustin Hellberg
alongside photographs by Marilyn Goh
and a layout & design by Joanne Pang


 This is real, creaturely work. Hellberg’s voice makes a tempest of kind caresses and grievous blows.

— Aaron McCollough, author of RankUnderlight & No Grave Can Hold My Body Down.

I’ve never been there, but after reading Hellberg I feel like I’ve been both mythic and drunk in Greece or Rome. That’s about as heroic as American poetry gets. That’s not Athens, it’s Iowa City! I blacked out in a corn field and woke up naked lying next to Ovid! You should buy this book for your little brother if he is melancholic or violently ill or neither or both. It just might save his life. 

— Jake Levine, author of Vilna Dybbuk, and translator of I Am A Season That Does Not Exist In The World.