Pedestrian Stories

Pedestrian Stories (1-3) began as a singular project consisting of the generation of a short story with images produced in/as a durational performance. The project has now developed into a series come to be called, pedestrian stories. Technically, the project involves mostly writing, within constraints. The constraints of which lend itself towards the performative in […]

[or, the whale]

“Love. Loss. Leg.” “Juli Crockett is one of the most original and imaginative voices in the American theater.” – Travis Preston, Dean/Head of Directing, CalArts School of Theater; Artistic Director, CalArts Center for New Performance “Crockett is a theatre artist of the highest caliber – [or, the whale] is truly a monster from the deep.” […]

Requiem for the Factory

« Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote that philosophy should be done “dichten”, as poetry. Jeremy Fernando manages to give this program a form, a direction. His texts contain many questions: in Requiem for a Factory poetry is an investigation, both in a cognitive and historical sense. Without being illustrative, Kenny Png’s impressive urban photographs testify (this verb […]

The Emergence of Brood III

In The Emergence of Brood III, Gabriella Torres uses the life cycle of the seventeen- year cicadas as a vehicle to explore ideas of home—a home that perhaps may or may not have ever existed. Known as the Iowan Brood, Torres takes on the collective voice of the emerging cicadas and re-imagines them as teenagers […]

It’s Fiction

Yanyun Chen draws, and is driven by the question, “How far can I go with this?” How far can one go with charcoal and papers, and where does this bring one, lead one, leave one? How far can one go with a line, a stroke, a shape, a light, a shadow, an area, a turn, […]