je me touche

« Since its earliest appearances in 1932, Flann O’Brien’s ‘John Duffy’s Brother’ has fascinated and troubled readers, very often simultaneously. Jeremy Fernando has offered, for the first time, an extended meditation on the internal life and times of John Duffy’s brother — an identity so anonymous, so approximate to each of our selves that we […]

Why Hasn’t JB Already Disappeared

« Forget meaning and with it the subject … Beauty will be amnesiac or will not be at all » — Sylvère Lotringer   This book is an attempt to respond to a text message, a textual call — to a missive sent by Tombie Rautenbach that arrived at three in the morning on 7 […]

What Matter Who’s Speaking: Residue

‘What Matter Who’s Speaking’ is a fragmentary work by Jonathan Bennett Bonilla positioned between poetry and philosophy. Central to its interrogation is the question: where do we go to speak to the dead? WMWS is a set of rooms sealed shut. A series comprised of leftovers and remnants of work from the artist’s studio, ‘Residue’ is […]

in fidelity

I see that you are a natural inhabitant of the testament country. But not as a ghost: you seem to be highly alive as you “are” writing death — writing death to death —  — Hélène Cixous   Your book brilliantly explores the possibility that love, like art, might offer us that most exciting and […]

Vivre avec l’art

par Jeremy Fernando illustré par Yanyun Chen traduit par Daniel Kwang Guan Chan   Davantage un geste barthésien qu’une simple collection de significations ou de pensées stabilisées, cette œuvre de Fernando présente au lecteur une véritable phénoménologie de ruptures et d’écarts et lui offre un voyage magnifiquement stimulant dans les expériences et l’inconnaissabilité fondamentale de […]

An Apple a Day …

” … Neither Jeremy Fernando nor Julian Gough are literally concerned with the nominal subjects of their respective contributions to this book; that much seems clear, if anything can be clear in the face of their extravagant attempts to take perhaps the dominant icon of contemporary capitalism – the iPhone (and its variants) – and […]

On Thinking with ― Scientists, Sciences, and Isabelle Stengers

In her lecture entitled ‘Cosmopolitics: Learning to Think with Sciences, Peoples, Natures’, Isabelle Stengers issues a challenge for us to rethink our relationality with the world: to move from an anthropocentric conception – one of her main critiques is the casting of Nature as a “loving mother,” as if we are its offspring – to […]

99 Problems to be told to a plant & The Excavation of Its Future Memory

Part performance script, part poetic endeavor, part philosophical meanderings, 99 Problems to be told to a plant & The Excavation of Its Future Memory engages words with and through the material they find themselves embedded in/amongst. The project was first intended to be set of aphorisms as part of a performance script performed and displayed […]

For, the pleasure of the text …

« There is something Shakespearean in a reader’s ability to write while reading. We have to deeply thank Jeremy Fernando for having given us such a sensitive, rhythmical and clever book about the glorious birth of a voice in everyone. He helps us see in the dark ». — Philippe Beck *** At the heart […]

On Invisibility: or, Towards a Minor Jiu-Jitsu

On Invisibility attempts to meditate on the relationality between the seen and unseen, known and unknowable, particularly when in relation with an other, when grappling – in touch with – another. This text opens the dossier that, whilst seemingly antonyms, invisibility is part of visibility; that each act of seeing is fraught with the possibility […]