The Technological Sublime

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The Technological Sublime describes the increasing disempowerment and disenchantment of humanity in a world governed by data and machine to machine communication. Through a critical and deconstructive reading of the founding ideas and aspirations of communication theory the author explores how the role of humans was, from the very outset, destined and designed to become superfluous. Perfect machine to machine communication is based on the growing silence of man.

As automation and computer algorithms release mankind from his previous responsibilities and work the urgent questions become: What happens to human perception, imagination, and reflection once we find ourselves in a world of ubiquitous computation? What notion of dignity and freedom remains viable in a development steered by data-acquisitions and data-accumulations far surpassing the intellectual faculties of man? In addressing these critical and vital questions of our contemporary, computerized age, the book calls for a reconsideration and reevaluation of distinctly human capabilities and traits and argues in favor of an appreciation and exploration of the irreducible, incalculable dimensions of existence.