The Technological Sublime

The Technological Sublime describes the increasing disempowerment and disenchantment of humanity in a world governed by data and machine to machine communication. Through a critical and deconstructive reading of the founding ideas and aspirations of communication theory the author explores how the role of humans was, from the very outset, destined and designed to become […]

Making up with JB

This book addresses the question: what happens after the betrayal? And it comes after the orgy of Why hasn’t JB already disappeared (Delere Press, 2017): keeping in mind that the title is in the form of a statement, and not a question; even though the quest constantly haunts what is stated, and remains with us […]

je me touche

« Since its earliest appearances in 1932, Flann O’Brien’s ‘John Duffy’s Brother’ has fascinated and troubled readers, very often simultaneously. Jeremy Fernando has offered, for the first time, an extended meditation on the internal life and times of John Duffy’s brother — an identity so anonymous, so approximate to each of our selves that we […]