Bejn Sħab u Duħħan

Bejn Sħab u Duħħan (Between Clouds and Smoke) brings together the body of work in video, photography and drawing-painting entitled Terrain Vague by artist Vince Briffa, and a reflective essay entitled Tryst as a reaction to the work by philosopher Michael Zammit. Terrain Vague encapsulates the artist’s continued interest in trying to define a co-existence of realities in conditions of vagueness. […]

What Matter Who’s Speaking: Residue

‘What Matter Who’s Speaking’ is a fragmentary work by Jonathan Bennett Bonilla positioned between poetry and philosophy. Central to its interrogation is the question: where do we go to speak to the dead? WMWS is a set of rooms sealed shut. A series comprised of leftovers and remnants of work from the artist’s studio, ‘Residue’ is […]